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 Analysis and Development of Block Cipher Algorithm

Show simple item record Ali Osama Ali Mahdi 21/10/2020 21/10/2020 2020-10-22T10:47:37Z 21/10/2020 2020-10-22T10:47:37Z 4/19/2018
dc.description.abstract AbstractToday, with increasing number of network user and the properties of a network protocols the information security is a critical issue to protect the data that flow through the network. A lot of researchers did their best to accelerate the cryptographic algorithms and develop high perfor-mance cryptographic schemes by using approaches such as block cipher algorithms. One of the common block cipher algorithms is called Data Encryption Standards (DES) Algorithm. The DES has 56-bit key size. Therefore, DES algorithm has become more liable to key attack and brute force attack. In fact, though the improved versions (2-DES, 3-DES) of the DES algorithm driven against these attacks by increasing the size of the key, they were liable to more attack such as meet-in-middle attack.In this thesis, we propose and develop a new approach of DES algorithm with high security against key attack and brute force attack. Where the new approach achieved confidentiality, in-tegrity, and availability of security issues required for the basic information business system. The new approach is implemented and design by using Modification of DES (M-DES) in Block Ci-pher Algorithm. The M-DES has two models as M-DES encryption model and M-DES decryp-tion model. M-DES is using key size 184-bit as symmetric key. From M-DES schema design, the second 64-bits represent the key, which will be used to verify that the key that is used in decryp-tion is similar to it and ensure data integrity during transportation. The evaluation and analysis of M-DES approach are appearing the increase of the confidenti-ality and exhaustive key search. Where the M-DES approach has computation time 2184 of possi-ble iteration of the key to reach the correct try. Depending on the result of average execution time that applied M-DES Encryption in a set of files, size is very near to reach the DES algorithm ex-ecution time. Also, we applied a comparison of the experimental test between the M-DES with the other cipher block algorithms as AES, 3-DES in encryption and decryption models. The result appears that M-DES encryption and decryption model achieve a performance in average ex-ecution time comparing with them. The examination of entropy for a set of files size that is stud-ied randomly for the ciphertext generated by M-DES comparing with a ciphertext generated by DES, shows that are close together entropy values. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.title  Analysis and Development of Block Cipher Algorithm en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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