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 تأثير التوابل على تآكل أواني طبخ الالمنيوم المعاد تصنيعها في قطاع غزة.

Show simple item record  نزار سليمان سلامه أبو مصطفى 6/12/2020 6/12/2020 2020-12-06T17:23:55Z 6/12/2020 2020-12-06T17:23:55Z 6/26/2014
dc.description.abstract The effect of different spices on the corrosion of Aluminum Cookware - ALCW produced from recycling of Aluminum in Gaza strip in 1-5M H3PO4 acid solution was investigated at 20-60 ºC, by weight loss, open circuit and morphology techniques. The results indicated that the corrosion of ALCW samples increases by increasing acid concentration, immersion time, and temperature. The addition of NaCl and citric acid increase the dissolution of aluminum from ALCW due to formation of different of soluble complexes. All the selected spices extracts as saffron, ginger, fennel, Cardamon, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, sumac, clove, and nutmeg show increasing in corrosion for ALCW in the acidic medium. The gravimetric and open circuit technique indicate the effect of spices on the leaching of aluminum from ALCW in acidic medium, and it was found that the corrosion increases by increasing spices concentration, immersion time and temperature of the medium. The morphology of all ALCW samples indicates the type of corrosion; the main type was the pitting, crevice, uniform and galvanized type. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Al-Azhar University, Gaza en_US
dc.title  تأثير التوابل على تآكل أواني طبخ الالمنيوم المعاد تصنيعها في قطاع غزة. en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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